Is flirting cheating? Consider these 6 'innocent' things

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Is flirting cheating? Consider these 6 'innocent' things

© Tessa Gorgosz Is flirting cheating? Consider these 6 'innocent' things

From being a little too enthusiastic on social media to visiting a strip club with friends, here are some things to keep in mind - before it causes problems in your relationship .

Social media

There is a reason why the phrase "it all goes down in the DM" has become so infamous. It is easier than ever to look into the lives of others and to get in touch with people on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Sometimes it will take more subtle forms, such as following and liking attractive people on Instagram, while others will go a step too far and start an online relationship.

Dating and relationship coach Jo Barnett also said: "If you send someone a message immediately, it's the same as calling or texting and showing interest. The problem with social media is that people get away with it more easily and the boundaries are less clear. Constantly commenting on someone's photos or status is not immediately cheating, but it is inappropriate if you are in a good relationship.

Have a dating account

In any case, you must have active dating profiles on platforms such as Tinder, Bumble, Remove Happn and Grindr. Research has shown that more than half of people agree that having a Tinder account while in a relationship is cheating. Your head is not with your partner, you dream of the 'what if'. And given how easy it is to reach a stranger via the apps, you may fall into the 'fall' of the internet quickly.

Flirting at work

Certainly, we all have friends at the office who that make gloomy Mondays a bit more fun, but sometimes you can go too far with your work friends. A useful rule is to think about whether your partner would feel uncomfortable if he or she were in the same room as you.

Dating coach James Preece said: "If you are single and your colleague is happy with the flirting, then that's fine, as long as no one else feels uncomfortable, but if you're in a relationship, then you should definitely weaken things, people only do this for a little attention and for an ego-boost. Flirting is always a sexual thing, because it is often only about teasing and playfulness, but it can be misunderstood. How would they feel if their partner looked at what they are doing? " Visiting a strip club

Jo Barnett said: "Going to a strip club is a very personal matter, and something that should be discussed with your partner. Everyone will have a different idea of ??how acceptable this is in a relationship. There are also levels and situations, for example if it is for a bachelor night t is just for joke and a night out, it is often not a big deal. If more is happening at the club than just observing, it is obvious that you are cheating. "

Contact with an ex

If you are one of the few who has succeeded in staying friends with your ex, then it can be exchanging messages with each other causes problems for your future relationships. Even if you are single, it is always an emotional minefield. That only doubles if you have a relationship with someone else.

James Preece said: " This really depends on what and why you send a text message. Some people are happy to stay friends with their ex and this is great if you have to see each other regularly. The problem comes when you focus more on your ex than on your partner. Conversations about problems you have or about your partner are not a matter for your ex. If you need to stay in touch with your ex, be open and honest about it. "