Is soft ghosting worse than ghosting?

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Is soft ghosting worse than ghosting?

If you often date or like to make new friends, you probably have already had to deal with 'ghosting'. This is a kind of dating trend that implies that people suddenly no longer hear from you and no longer respond to your messages. There is now a new form of ghosting: 'soft-ghosting'.

What is soft-ghosting?

The name already explains it a bit, soft-ghosting is a lighter form of ghosting where someone disappears from your life, but to a lesser extent. It works as follows: you contact us and they respond with the shortest possible friendly response that you really can't do anything with. Often the reaction consists of a single emoticon such as a heart or thumb, or perhaps they say 'haha'. Or you say for example that you had a nice date after which you get a heart as a response, while you actually hope for a more substantive response. You can then try to ask a direct question, but a soft ghost will again give a meaningless concise answer or turn it into a regular ghost.

How do you handle it?

Just like with normal ghosts, it's better to give up after two messages. The reason people soft-host probably has to do with the fact that they want to be polite and do not dare to hurt you. The result is that they can give you a wrong impression and in practice it is therefore quite rude. Do not take it personally and continue with your life.

Source: Metro