Is there such a thing as friendship sorrow?

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Is there such a thing as friendship sorrow?

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A partner can break your heart in many ways. Whether it's a secret crush that you see at the side of a loved one at once or a long-standing relationship that comes to an end, love hurts. But there are also friendships that have a limited shelf life. Friendship is based on mutual trust. What if this trust is damaged, is it lawful today to be sad for a lost friendship? Is there such a thing as friendship sadness?

Fact, we all walk a different path. Where you had big plans in your teens, it appears that one goes for a stable relationship with children, while the other still travels around the world around the age of thirty. Because of these different paths, a different pattern of expectation of a friendship arises, which can cause the bond to be lost. This does not even have to be preceded by a booming fight. One goes right while the other goes left.

The loss of a friendship can also be accompanied by sorrow. How accepted love sadness seems to be, how unaccepted friendship sadness seems to be. A friend is someone who, unlike your family, consciously chooses you and thus takes on various roles. In this way we encourage friends, we listen to the umpteenth story about that one ex and we are each other's conscience. Is it so strange that we are sad when we lose this? It's okay to be sad.

Despite a period of mourning, it is important to continue to appreciate the moments that mattered. Be grateful for the precious moments. It is said, where a door closes, room is created for another friendship.

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