Is wearing black warmer in the summer than white?

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Is wearing black warmer in the summer than white?

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You have probably experienced that you come to put on your black clothes during a summer drink and receive the commentary: "What do you look like 'summers'?". Because we have always assumed that black absorbs heat and that makes it more sensible to wear light colors. But is this the truth? The answer is surprising. You have been living in the wrong assumption for years: black clothing does not necessarily have to be warmer.

It is true that light colors generally reflect sunlight and therefore they would theoretically absorb less heat. But a scientific study has shown that it does not matter for the heat on your skin. What matters is the material and the width of what you wear. After all, a tight-fitting latex white dress will be a lot warmer than a wide linen black dress, won't it? It is advisable to wear wide clothing, especially in the summer. This is because heat also rises and if there is room underneath your clothing, an airflow is created that can cause any cooling.

Also think carefully about the material you choose. Although cotton is often recommended, it is also very absorbent, so your sweat is retained. The most important thing: wear something comfortable! Nothing is more tiring if you are already warm, to worry about a piece of clothing that is not comfortable.

Source: Flaironline