Is your friendship fading?

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Is your friendship fading?

© iStock You may have thought that your friends would stay for life, but if you notice these signals, the end is near.

You have some friends for life, but unfortunately you will also lose many friends. This can be accompanied by dramatic quarrels, but often there is actually nothing wrong and your friendship fades because of a lack of time, too great a distance or because there is simply no more click. If your friendship is fading, you will often notice the following.

No plans

With your friends you can all have plans with each other in the long term. For example, you can talk about joint vacations, events and parties. Don't you have any plans with someone to do something in the future? Unfortunately, this may mean that you don't have a common future either.

"Oh, didn't you know that yet?"

If a friend is going to do something special or has already done it and you there during a conversation suddenly finds out whether it only looks afterwards on social media, then unfortunately there is no question of a close friendship. The person probably used to share a lot more with you in the past.


It is understandable that you are busy, but friends should make time for each other. If the other always cancels your plans, something is wrong. Pay particular attention to the reasons that are given. Does it sound like an excuse or have you been set aside for plans with others? Unfortunately, your friendship is no longer that strong. Especially if you are always the one who comes up with plans, you know that you are no longer so important in the life of the other person.

A fading friendship is not a disaster. If a friendship comes to an end and cannot be saved, try to keep it positive. Faded friendships can also flourish again later. Save the contact details and contact them sometime in the future. Who knows, maybe they will be very different in life.