"It doesn't hurt to take advantage of your parents"

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

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It's that time again: thousands of young people are leaving their parents' nest to start shaping their own lives as students. Unlike in the past, the government does not give ample time to get a diploma. But don't forget: student life is a one-off opportunity to discover the world in relative freedom. So make the most of this phase of life and don't let anyone prescribe the law.

That benefit mainly relates to everything you can do alongside your studies, such as being a member of a student association, spending a lot of time with your housemates, organize food clubs and of course: make a lot of dates in order to really shine in your love life.


It is especially in this phase of life that friendships are forged for life. And that alone deserves as much attention as studying itself. And with a bit of luck you have made a choice that works out well and your fellow students are also the people with whom you have shared interests.

But more than once the study choice does not turn out to be what you expected. Well, no man overboard. My advice is simple: just switch until you find something you can be enthusiastic about.

Sour apple

Important here is that you don't care about environmental noises at all ('You have to bite through the sour apple, otherwise you'll never finish anything'). It is precisely in this phase of life that it is perfectly normal not to know it, to have no direction yet and to want to search as long as you have found 'it'.

You can also, after a first study, simply do a second study, if only to extend your student life. In that case it won't hurt to also benefit from your parents, especially if they have enough money in their cash. Make sure there is good contact with the parental front in order to make possible additional financing possible.

Life experience

Also take advantage of student exchange programs so that you can gain some extra life experience in England, America or Australia for half a year. And also give your faculty the opportunity to interrupt their studies, for example to invest for a year in management experience or make a trek through Argentina, don't miss that opportunity.

It goes without saying that it is worthwhile to take the study itself very seriously. Scoring well on exams also provides a lot of study pleasure. But a successful student life is much more than just having your nose in the books.

For many young people it will be quite a job to be responsible for everything that (student) life entails . Because a lot of freedom also gives many obligations. But above all, take plenty of time, whatever society says ...