Job lives in a water tower: "Rapping windows I do abseiling"

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Job lives in a water tower:

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It was a colossal hollow space in 2011, but Job Beijer saw much more in it. The vacant water tower of Uppel in Brabant could become his dream house. We are now nine years later and the 35-year-old installer never wants anything else. "I was really devoted to this way of living."

Beijer's hands were itchy when he finished financing the tower. "But this building had no residential function at all," says the resident. "I did a few years on the paperwork. I wanted to do as much as possible myself."

And that happened. After he sought advice from an architect and a constructor, among other things, Beijer started looking for the biggest saw he could get. "There had to be larger windows to get more light. I measured, measured and measured again. Then it was a matter of pulling a can of Red Bull open and just going, haha."

Beijer also left install another elevator and built new walls to get a good insulation inside the tower. In his living room on the first floor, which was originally 6 meters high, there was an extra floor for bedrooms and a bathroom. A house in itself actually. This left three quarters of the tower to be filled.

Tower full of possibilities

The third floor, which is located at a height of around 12 meters, is for example designed as party room. Beijer is currently building a guesthouse on a floor below, which can be used as a bed and breakfast.

"I have never worked with building plans," the installer says. "While I am working on ventilation, I am thinking about how I am going to do the lighting and heating. Sometimes things do not go well, you have to break everything down and start over again. But on your own you also do not build so quickly, so you have time to think. "

Friends' help only turns on Beijer if it is really necessary. "This project is so big that I could never give anything in return. I don't expect it from them either. I used to build here three days a week, that has now gone back to about ten hours. I want it so fast possible, but in the meantime I also live well here. "

Freedom and adventure

" On the third floor I can play games on a 30 square meter screen ", Beijer explains with a smile. "Where is that possible? That freedom: I have the feeling that everything I can think of here is possible."

It is also adventurous, about two or three times a year. "I patch the windows myself," says the water tower resident. "So I taught myself to abseil. Every time it is sweating and stress again, haha."

Beijer has no plan yet for the empty 600,000 liter water tank. Maybe it will be a swimming pool, maybe it will be completely demolished. For now there is at least a box of fireworks at the hatch of the tank. "This gives such a great bang," he says with a grin. "Do you happen to have a lighter in your pocket?"