Karin (59): Sometimes it is a bit difficult physically

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Karin (59): Sometimes it is a bit difficult physically

For our popular category Beautiful at any age, we put female over-30s in the limelight. Because we think all women are beautiful: regardless of weight, size, skin color and / or "beauty flaw (s)". What is your beauty secret and what will you shine on? And what keeps you young? This week Karin (59): married, mother and busy creative.

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Do you feel your age?

"No, younger! Certainly about twenty years younger. I'll be 60 next summer, but I really don't feel that way mentally. Although I do start to feel it physically every now and then: my body just doesn't always cooperate anymore. But I also have to say that I don't think 60 sounds old at all. And that you can still do all kinds of fun, new things at the age of 60. "

Do you have a beauty secret?

" I go to the beauty salon every six weeks, because I think that's very tasty and it also helps with my skin problems. I suffer from rosacea and have thin skin, so going to the beautician regularly is also good for my skin and keeps it in good condition. I also only use pure skin products. Furthermore, I sleep enough, eat healthy and I am just in my body. Finally, I think being happy and happy are also two very good beauty secrets. ”

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Do people estimate you at the right age?

" Most people estimate me slightly younger. I always like to hear that! I do get a little grayer, so maybe people will notice that I am no longer the 'youngest' anymore. ”

What do you like best about yourself?

"I like my eyes the most. You can see everything in it and they really reflect my personality. I am also very happy with my bunch of curls. It is a lot of work and I have to visit a curly specialist every now and then. I have to do my best, but it is worth it. ”

What makes you less happy?

“ I have a starting form of rheumatism and I am really there less happy with it. I suddenly drop things and my hands and feet are no longer so "reliable". I paint, make music and take pictures, so I really need my hands. I want to keep doing all that for as long as possible, but unfortunately it is a process that continues. I try to enjoy it as long as possible. ”

What do people compliment you for?

“ With my creativity! But I also often receive compliments for always being there for people. I like to help others. For example with my photography: I sometimes photograph purely to help someone with something. So not to make money with it. I do a lot of things for someone else instead of myself. And people compliment me on that. I think that's very nice to hear. ”

Are you where you would have liked to be?

“ Absolutely. Sometimes it is physically a bit difficult, because I feel that I no longer get my body with me. But I always remain positive. I have a lovely husband and wonderful (grand) children. In that respect, I have nothing more to wish for. ”

“ In the creative field, I am really where I wanted to be. I have stopped working in the company and now there is enough time to let go of all the creative 'jitters'. I photograph, make music and paint a lot. I have always been creative and have been photographing since I was 12. It is really something in which I can lose myself; I enter a kind of different world. A great feeling. So I'm really glad I have a lot of time for it now. ”

What keeps you young?

“ Keep doing new things! Go out a lot and be happy. ”

Do you have a life lesson?

“ Keep investigating, even if it's in your own backyard. Stay positive and occasionally smile at others. Even in difficult times! ”