Karin's son could be seen in 'Helden van Het Máxima': As if Koen were back

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Karin's son could be seen in 'Helden van Het Máxima': As if Koen were back

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Koen Loonen (21) died a year ago of an aggressive form of childhood cancer, but last month he was closer to his mother Karin (52) than ever. Her son was featured in the violent focus series Helden van Het Máxima. "So nice to hear his voice again."

Karin was very nervous about the very first episode of the documentary series in which employees of the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology in Utrecht were closely monitored for a year. Koen was one of the patients in the moving series.


"We watched the episode with our family, his girlfriend Steffie and grandparents. That was emotional, but also so special. It was nice to see Koen again. To hear his voice, his catchy smile. I've missed it so much in recent months, "says Karin moved. Koen was 18 when he was discovered a neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of childhood cancer. "That news hit like a bomb. Koen had been bothered by his back for a while, but no one expected it to be so serious. There was a 45% chance that Koen would survive.

Despite the We tried to stay positive, Koen was sporty, did not drink, did not smoke ... I was hopeful that he would get on top of it, perhaps also because Koen himself was very positive, he was convinced that he would survive the cancer. That was typical Koen, he was very positive about life. When we let go, he cheered us up. "Come on mom, shoulders underneath. Staying positive, "he would say.


Koen was such a sweet, cheerful boy. Someone who didn't just let himself be thrown out of the field. Despite the tough treatments, he enjoyed it he of his life. He had a girlfriend and many friends and would start training as a physiotherapist. He wanted to get started in the Princess Máxima Center to help children. That was his dream. "

< p> A dream that unfortunately could not be fulfilled. When Koen is clean for almost four months, the cancer appears to be back. "It looked bad. There was only 1% chance that Koen would get on top of it. Koen was sad, but sometimes it seemed as if he had a button in his head that he could turn over; after a lot of tears, he went back "1% is also a chance," was his motto. Not only we, but also the people at the Princess Máxima Center were enormously impressed. He never let the courage go down. "

< h2> Farewell

But despite his perseverance, the doctors could no longer mean anything to Koen. He was brought home for the last time with an ambulance. "I will never forget that moment again. He arrived with the ambulance and looked so bad: sunken face, very thin, very white ... And yet he was still our Koen. He saw grandma standing by the front door and shouted: "Goodbye, how nice that you are here!" I stood with tears in my eyes and I thought: "Boy, where do you get that power from?" "

Koen's goodbye was hard, but Karin also looks back on it with a warm feeling. "Koen had arranged everything himself. He had prepared a farewell speech for all his loved ones and had everyone come by to personally say goodbye: his friends, family, football team ... Everyone was there. Just before he died, he also thanked me. He could not have wished for a better mother and was enormously grateful for everything I had done for him. That moment, those words, I will always carry in my heart. "


It has now been a year since Koen passed away. "I miss him a lot. Especially his hugs and his positivity. If I have a bad day or just get through it, Koen is no longer there to cheer me up like only he could. Koen was sometimes quite a fox. there was a sock in the hallway, a shoe in the living room ... I have sometimes cursed him for that, but now? Now I had cleaned up all his junk with so much love. It is no longer possible. We must go on without him. "

Karin thought that her son was on television a year after his death. "Of course it is emotional to see your child talking again, to hear his stories, to see his crazy regions ... It felt like he was back. Just after the first broadcast (on Thursday, July 11, ed.) I saw stopping a car in front of the door I thought: "Here comes Koen." Then the realization that he really is no longer here, just rocked in. And yet I also thought it was very nice and nice to see Koen again. "


Despite the lack, Karin draws much strength from all support. "His friends are still here, the contact with his girlfriend Steffie is very intense, but the doctors of the Máxima are still involved. His doctor Kim calls every month to ask how things are going. Really heart-warming. That Commitment does us good. It's nice that people sympathize with us, still think of Koen and talk about him. Every time I hear stories about him I think: "That boy has really been very happy." "

The family is trying to pick up the thread again. "Everyone processes the loss in their own way. My youngest daughter works a lot, my oldest often withdraws - like me - and my husband is suddenly suddenly surprised by grief. Even though we laughed a lot this past month we saw Koen on television again. With his crazy pranks and silly jokes. It's a shame that Koen never saw the documentary himself, but we are only so proud of the positive boy we saw again last month. Our boy! "