Last minute ideas for when you don't have a carnival costume yet

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Last minute ideas for when you don't have a carnival costume yet

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Ai, you have been too busy to come up with a costume and order it for carnival on time. What now? Fortunately, it's easier than you think to put together a suit of things that you probably already have at home. For the sake of convenience, we have sorted them from difficult to easy. The longer you keep reading this article, the less time you have left. Pretty ingenious, isn't it?

By order of…

Yes, that damn Peaky Blinders. It continues to score well and we understand that, it all looks really bad. After all, you score more ladies with such a stylish outfit than in a banana suit, let's be honest. This is the costume for which you need the most things. Namely a suit in a rough fabric (think tweed, flannel or a rough cotton), boots, good shirt and great tie. Oh, don't forget the hat.

James Dean

The rebel without a goal. This legendary Hollywood heartthrob had a surprisingly easy to copy costume in his most famous expression. We assume that you have a pair of jeans somewhere in the cupboard. A white t-shirt should also not be a problem. Hair in a pompadoer and ready. Super easy and so cool that you can even get away with it on another average Saturday night.

The almost Adam's costume

Of course we can also call this the Magic Mike. You know, the movie that your girlfriend starts to drool on. Well. This outfit is really last minute. All you need is a Speedo or similar underwear. Voilà, a perfect carnival costume. It helps a lot if you are a little trained. You don't want anyone to think you are The Only Gay in the Village.