Leonie (37): People sometimes think I'm their sister

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Leonie (37): People sometimes think I'm their sister

For our popular category Beautiful at any age, we put female over-30s in the limelight. Because we think all women are beautiful: regardless of weight, size, skin color and / or "beauty flaw (s)". What is your beauty secret and what will you shine on? And what keeps you young? This week Leonie Bunk (37) married and mother of three sons. "I traveled to Austria on my own for the first time last year and made a trip on a mountain bike."

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Do you feel your age?

"Feel during the day I become 37 but as the evening goes by, I notice that I no longer have as much energy as before. Where I was able to quietly pass through a night a few years ago, my eyes sometimes close now around half past nine. activities at a holiday park ... Leonie was there. But in recent years I have become over-stimulated by such crowds and I prefer to look for peace. Just give me a long walk with my dog ??on the moor. Or a night in a bed & breakfast in the middle of nowhere. ”

Do you have any beauty secrets?

“ One of my beauty secrets is that I go to the sauna regularly. There I completely relax. I also walk 10,000 steps every day, so I take care of my portion of exercise. In terms of food and drink I do not deny myself, only everything in moderation. That way I can enjoy everything. "

Do people often estimate your age?

" I am sometimes estimated to be about ten years younger! This occasionally produces hilarious reactions from people who think that I am the sister of my children. Until recently, my supermarket asked for my ID to buy an alcoholic drink. At the time I thought that was annoying, but in retrospect it is a great compliment. As far as clothing is concerned, I still wear the same as ten years ago. Not because I want to look young, but because I still like it. I don't participate in fashion; I wear what I like. ”

What do you like best about yourself?

“ I like the whole picture best. Everything is good in proportion and it suits me. I have small hands and feet. I find this graceful and feminine, especially with a beautiful nail polish. I am also happy with my long hair. My hair is part of who I am and I won't cut it very quickly. ”

What makes you less happy?

“ I'm less happy with the stretch marks. Ten weeks after giving birth to my second child, I was pregnant again. As a result, my body has not had the opportunity to recover. But in the end I wear them with pride because the stretch marks are a souvenir from my last pregnancy and youngest son. ”

“ I would also like to have more curves. I am in proportion, but I would like to have a bit more of everything. In the right places, of course. And with my 1.63 I would like to be 10 centimeters taller. ”

What do people compliment you for?

“ In terms of appearance, I hear most that I have a striking face and a radiant smile . In turn, after such a compliment, I will shine even more. In terms of character, people say that I am sweet, thoughtful and compassionate. It goes without saying for me to help my fellow human beings where possible and to let me hear from me in difficult times, even if it is just a ticket. The feeling of thinking about someone can mean so much to the other person.

Are you where you wanted to be?

"I am satisfied with who I am and what I have . Of course there are always wishes, but when I look at what I have I can squeeze my hands. I have a beautiful and nice family. They are everything to me. I always said that I wanted to start a family before my 30th and get my driver's license and I succeeded. I am grateful for this. I stopped working after my first pregnancy because I wanted to take care of my children completely and I am so happy that I was able to make this choice! ”

What keeps you young?

< p> "My three children. Because of them I am aware of the trends, something that I would otherwise not be concerned with at all. I am also eager to learn and I like challenges. For example, last year I traveled to Austria on my own for the first time and made a trip on a mountain bike, something I would never do at home. That also keeps me young. I always want to keep dreaming! "

Do you have a life lesson you want to share?

" It's never been dark before it's getting light again. This beautiful and wise spell has kept me going several times in recent years. I would like to pass it on to others. Life is sometimes difficult and unfair, but the day will come when the sun will shine again. Also for you. ”