Lonely? Don't take a pet on a whim!

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Lonely? Don't take a pet on a whim!

Now that everyone is at home and may feel lonely, there seems to be only one good remedy for this. Right, why don't you adopt a pet? Inge Vercauteren of the Hague Animal Center Foundation sees an increase in the number of adoptions in their shelter.

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"People now spend a lot of time online and see all kinds of cute animals passing by here, one more reason to come to us to knock to adopt. You can also see a pet as a cozy, new addition to your family. ”


“ It is nice that there is so much more interest in adopting animals, but there is also a downside to the medal. There are people who now take a pet because they feel lonely and have all the time in the world. But when everything returns to normal and they return to their busy lives, they may run out of time for the animal. That is why we are strict in our selection. ”


“ Everything is now completely digital. People used to be able to walk into the shelter to meet their potential pet, but now we do an online selection first. An important question we ask during this selection is: “What is your normal situation, apart from corona?” The answer to this question will of course determine the success of the match.

If after the selection if the outcome is positive, there will be an appointment - with a maximum of two people - to meet the animal in the shelter. We always get an abundance of emails and phone calls when we put a new kitten online, so we also need to properly analyze the candidates. Of course we want the best possible scenario for the animal. ”

Quarantined cats

“ The animals are very dependent on their caretakers, so we immediately decided to separate all care teams, this is how we prevent any cross-contamination. We also closed the shelter to the public for three weeks. So we have only been working by appointment again since last week.

We have already collected a number of animals from houses infected with the corona virus and they were immediately quarantined. There is then no longer a risk of infection if they are adopted. But of course we follow developments with pets and the virus closely. ”

Corona package

“ As soon as a cat is adopted, you can take a 'corona package' with it. This includes a travel basket with items such as a fleece blanket, a deworming pipette and food. It is all you need to take care of your cat for one month. The handing over of course also happens with compliance with the one and a half meter distance rule. ”

Financially difficult

“ We are not doing well financially. The pension that is our largest source of income is now completely empty. All our fundraising events have also been canceled. ” Check their website for more information.