Long-gaming: Are you an apple for the thirsty?

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Long-gaming: Are you an apple for the thirsty?

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Do you feel that someone is interested in you, but at the same time keeps you at a distance? This can mean that that person is saving you as an apple for the thirsty, also known as long-gaming. This means that someone sees you as a future partner or perhaps spouse, but in the meantime that person is trying to explore other options.

You can recognize it by the following signs:

You feels that there is something between you and that it is mutual, but the person insists that you are only friends and nothing more. The person helps you in ways that you would never expect it from someone who is not interested in you. Communication between you is not very consistent. Probably this has to do with other potential partners who sometimes get priority. You are not introduced to family and friends. This way it doesn't get too serious between you and moreover the person does not have to explain to everyone that you are just friends, while you may be completely his or her type. The person wants to talk to you about everything, but rather avoids it subject of your relationships. You notice that he or she becomes jealous when you talk about this. Even when the person doesn't talk to you much, you continue to get 'likes' via social media so that you don't forget him or her. wasting it on someone who does long gaming in the hope that it will eventually get serious. This can take years and you never know how many other people there are who exactly hope for the same person.

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