Make your balcony or terrace ready for summer

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Make your balcony or terrace ready for summer

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The sun is shining and the holiday is just around the corner. In short, the ideal time to prepare your balcony or terrace for the summer. And that doesn't have to be difficult or expensive at all. You can even get it done in one day. Vtwonen gives a few styling tips.

Fresh wind

First of all, start with a great spring cleaning. Cleaning up works wonders and you immediately have a clean sheet before the furnishing can start. Is your balcony tidy? Also consider which furniture and accessories you still have at home and can put outside. This is not only a cheap solution, it also saves storage space.

Lay a new floor

First determine what kind of floor you want before you start decorating. You can clean the current floor, but that takes quite some time. You can easily lay wooden floor tiles yourself and give the balcony a beautifully finished appearance. You can also opt for dark outdoor tiles, but dosing is important here. Always alternate with light furniture and accessories. Otherwise, the balcony or terrace may feel stuffy.

Smart layout

Anyone who has a small balcony should be smart. Find it higher up by placing a tall shelving unit or hanging plants. This way you get the most out of your precious square meters and space is left on the floor. Also choose multifunctional furniture. An extendable dining table is a home workplace during the day and a cozy large (er) dining table in the evening. Stools and pouffes can act as both seating areas and coffee tables.

The right outdoor lighting

A dark balcony lit with a bright outdoor lamp doesn't really invite you to sit outside for long evenings. A few lanterns or a light cord with separate lamps make it a lot more cozy and give a festive feeling. But even without a socket you can create light outside: with candles, wind lights and lanterns.

Green paradise

Transform your balcony into a green paradise with plants. With plant hangers you have green accents without losing a lot of space. Small plants - such as pampas grass - in a pot on the walls give the balcony even more atmosphere. Cacti are ideal because they easily survive a drought period. A few beautiful plaids, pillows and candles finish it off.