Making the bathroom environmentally friendly: "I don't see any benefits from plastic"

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Making the bathroom environmentally friendly:

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Tubes, flasks, razor blades: the bathroom is a place that can cause a lot of (plastic) waste. There is also often plastic in care products. How can you design the bathroom in an environmentally friendly way?

"Important for an environmentally friendly bathroom is a short shower and care products gradually being replaced by packaging-free products with pure ingredients," says Emily-Jane Townley, author of the book Life without waste. "The things I use in the bathroom are biodegradable or can be recycled in other ways."

An entire waste-free bathroom can be a challenge. The Milieu Centraal information organization therefore advises people who want to design their bathrooms in a more environmentally friendly way to buy what you really need and to be economical with it.

"The prevention of waste is certainly good and we want to move towards a circular (where everything is reused, ed.) society with less waste, "says Environment Central spokesperson Kirsten Palland. Fortunately, a lot of plastic is also reused. That is why you should hand it in separately. "80% of the plastic waste is recycled and the rest is incinerated, says Palland.

" I see no benefits from plastic, "says Townley." once produced it is eternal existence. In addition, you need for the production of plastic petroleum. You can also opt for alternatives. "

" Rather no spray cans "

Plastic care products can also contain plastic. Around 35,000 tonnes of microplastics from care products end up in the seas and oceans. "Those who want to avoid microplastics should pay attention to ingredients such as polyethylene (PE and PET) and nylon (PA)," says Palland. "The easiest way is to choose products with a label, such as the Zero Plastic Inside label." >

In the area of ??personal care products, Palland furthermore advises not to use any propellant aerosol sprays, nor to use products with solvents, such as nail polish (remover), perfume and aftershave.

Palland says that you use your water consumption sparingly in the shower. "Do not shower much longer than five minutes, use an hourglass or another timer for this. You can also purchase a water-saving shower head. Those who really want to invest can use a solar water heater, with a panel especially for heating the shower water. "

Soap and shampoo bars are often packaging-free. (Photo: 123RF)

Tips for using making the bathroom more environmentally friendly

Would you rather not waste your bathroom at all? For those who want to go on the complete natural tour, Townley has a tip for every care product.

Shampoo and conditioner

"Use shampoo bars. Choose a good variant with natural ingredients such as argan oil, cucumber, rosemary. There is something for every hair type and hair problem. Roos, for example, can be treated with nettle. "

Shower gel

" Choose soap. Scrubbing can also be done with a soap that contains, for example, poppy seeds or olive seeds. There are many nourishing and well-cleansing soaps for sale. "

Body lotion

" I make my own body lotion by mixing shea butter and cocoa butter and in a baking tin (such as for brownies and muffins) again to solidify. I also sometimes use olive oil or pure shea butter for dry spots. "

Face cream

" For my face I also use shea butter or a natural day cream based on oil. You can also make cream yourself, a disadvantage is that it can often only be kept for two weeks. "


" I use natural make-up. Unfortunately, there aren't many plastic-free packages yet, so sometimes I make my makeup myself. "

Facial Cleaners

" Buy reusable cotton pads that you can wash. For cleaning use for example jojoba oil or a tonic with tea tree oil (for sale in glass bottles), which cleans and is antibacterial. Use a bamboo variant for cotton buds. "


" I make my own deodorant by mixing coconut oil, glycerine, cornflour and baking soda. I lubricate that once a day. It is not antiperspirant, but it ensures that you do not smell a sweat odor. "

Razor and foam

" Use a razor with good blades that you do not need to replace much . Choose a shaving soap and not a bottle of shaving cream. Soap is just as foaming and nourishing. "

Tampons and sanitary napkins

" Use a menstrual cup or washable sanitary napkin for menstruation. In sanitary napkins are the craziest things, such as gel and plastics. "

Toothbrush and toothpaste

" Don't buy plastic toothbrushes but bamboo toothbrushes, they are just biodegradable. There are natural toothpastes for sale and toothpaste in the form of tablets, so you avoid packaging material. "