Making your own dining table: the best ideas!

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Making your own dining table: the best ideas!

The summer is busy with the last big heat wave, but after that the colder days will come and it will be time again to keep you busy with fun projects indoors. As you may be used to from homify, we will provide you with nice suggestions. For example, have you ever thought about making your own dining table? A bit of DIY skill is desirable, but it really isn't that difficult. And in this way you can add something really nice to your house. We are happy to give you the best ideas based on various experts!

Getting started with wood

© homify / Were Home Getting started with wood

When making from a dining table you soon end up with wood as the basic material. On the photo you can see a very nice example that you can use to get started yourself. It starts with making a frame and then you start to place a table top. It is advisable to first make a drawing in which you will display all sizes exactly. Measure everything very accurately, you don't want to have a crooked table in your dining room or kitchen!

An existing base as a base

© homify / Were Home An existing base as a base

Do you still find it a little too exciting to make a chassis all the way from the base? You can therefore choose to use an existing base of a table as the starting point. Remove the old table top and put a new one on it! Give the frame a new color immediately so that your table gets a completely different look.

Extension of kitchen island or countertop

© homify / Masters of Interior Design Extension of kitchen island or countertop

Also a very nice idea to join in on the to get started, is to make an extension of your kitchen island or kitchen counter in the form of a kitchen table. You can then use one side as a basis and continue to build in different ways. You can see a construction here with trestles: you can buy them ready-made and then start to provide them with a ready-made or not-ready table top. Here too the possibilities are in fact endless.

Round tables!

© homify / Wharfside Furniture Round tables!

It is one of the trends of 2019: round tables. A round dining table is therefore a very nice idea. We can imagine that you will not cut a round table top yourself, but you can always manufacture the frame yourself. Be sure to get inspired further by browsing around on homify. In this article, by the way, we have collected more trends for kitchens from 2019 for you. Make sure you take advantage of it!

Free hanging table

© homify / Leonardus interieurarchitect Free hanging table

A free hanging table is also super fun idea! It is then important that the anchoring is very good. We can advise you on a loose table leg at the end. Creating a construction like this is very simple: it is really just a matter of connecting parts together.


© homify / Tim de Graag Oak

If you want to get started with creating a new table top, then also consider certainly oak as a material. This is also completely trending in 2019! And if you look at the photo like this, you can see that this can give a beautiful rustic and modern effect.

Steel frame

© homify / WE-Maatdesign Steel base

Attach a table top to a steel or metal base? That is of course possible! If you can weld yourself, it is very nice if you are going to make the table completely yourself, otherwise you simply outsource that metal frame. In any case, there are plenty of options, we wish you a lot of success and pleasure in making your own dining table!