Man surprises girlfriend with terrible date

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Man surprises girlfriend with terrible date

© Grazia Man surprises girlfriend with terrible date

His girlfriend has been looking forward to it for days; a romantic date for two. Quality time together. However, this date took a very crazy turn. The two went to the spa for a day, uhm, Spar.


When you expect a weekend spa, a weekend Spar is a bit of a disappointment.

David took his girlfriend Sue on a trip along all Spar supermarkets in the area. He shared hilarious photos of the 'romantic date', which shows that his love is a bit disappointed.

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Spa day

"She was so excited. When we joined the first Spar made a pit stop, she didn't realize much. She thought I was going to get snacks, "says David. But when the couple arrived at the second Spar, Sue already saw the storm hanging; that spa day will never happen again. Afterwards she was happy to laugh about it.

View the photos of the 'date' here.

Source: FHM | Image: Serendipity