Manicure through the slit of your letterbox

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Manicure through the slit of your letterbox

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COLUMN - This is how we regularly hear a barrel organ in our neighborhood. Now that there is no dry bread to be made in the shopping streets for the barrel organ man, he plays congratulatory songs in front of the lonely birthday boy for a fee. And what a success! With the birthday boy, the neighbors also hang out the window singing and flapping.

Corona thinkers like the organ man show that crisis also leads to opportunities and creativity. Brilliant are the nail salons that now give manicure treatments through the letterbox slot. And of course, the creators of a drive-in cinema should be given ample space. The entrepreneur who guides her customers through her cosmetics business via Facetime also deserves the creativity prize.

Then the DJ who now organizes silent discos on balconies so that you can still have a party with the neighbors from your own home. Or take the unprecedented demand for the culinary home meals of star chef Joris Bijdendijk. He was one of the first to grab the cargo bike and deliver three-course dinners, including a playlist full of fine background music. Doesn't that make you happy?

King's Day seemed like a challenge this year, but we couldn't be caught out of the blue. For example, we played shuffleboard at one neighbor, darts at the next and table tennis at the end of the street. Did not school together and still were together. Or we visited the digital Vondelpark, also so much fun. For a moment, it seemed that children could not shine with their drum set, magic tricks and dance moves, until Vondelpark Live was founded. Children could go crazy in the digital park via YouTube. That way they got applause and received money in their digital caps via a Tikkie. There was a standing ovation for the thoughtful initiators.

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