Masterclass Handbag: 'Come on my arm handsome'

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Masterclass Handbag: 'Come on my arm handsome'

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Under the guise of "a good investment", we like to go bag hunting. A Birkin or Vuittonnet on the arm is irresistible, especially if your showpiece will increase in value. But how do you separate the faux from the tote bag and keep your armcandy fashionfähig?

How does it actually work?

• Don't set - never! - your tote bag on the table. Society divas don't do that. Because it is sometimes also on the floor, it would be dirty.

• So hang your bag over the back of your chair or put it on the seat next to you. In the better restaurants you even have a small chair, especially for your dear Hermès or Chanel.

• If all that is not possible, unfortunately your bag must still be on the floor. In that case, preferably under your chair, so that the waiter is not bothered by it when operating.

• Fortunately, we are also increasingly seeing bag hooks in the catering industry. Not you? Via you can order two with faux diamonds for € 16.95, for you and your BFF.

• Not everything is permitted in the realm of handbags. Namely, we prefer to see your shopper or tote only during the day. From dinner only a small handbag or clutch.

• The handbag goes over the railing or on the hook, a clutch on your lap under your napkin. If you sit in a chair with a closed back, you can also put your clutch behind or next to you.

• You always keep the clutch or tote in your left hand during events. Because you want to keep your right hand free to shake hands. Or to grab a cocktail from the tray.

• Old yellowed receipts, caked peppermints, lipstick residues… A little awkward if you look for your business cards on a drink and the other guests see what kind of havoc you have in your bag. have. You solve that with mini bags in your bag. Of course one for make-up, but also one for your cables, everything from paper, keys ... So keep your bag neat. Certainly also with exclusive copies that you may want to sell.

The Real Deal

Buy an almost new Louis Vuitton for next to nothing? With designer bags, the following really applies: if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. But sometimes the price is reasonable and the bag cannot be distinguished from the real thing at first glance. Then further research is needed, as we learn at Pay special attention to ...

• The leather That should be genuine and feel a little dry. In a fake variant, the "leather" feels smooth and sticky.

• The stitching. These must be extremely even. In a real LV you will not find any loose threads.

• The pattern In an authentic Vuitton, the logo runs at least evenly on the front of the bag. So no breaks.

• The lining must be made of brown cotton.

• The buckles and closures must be heavy, because they are made of solid brass. In the fake version they are usually hollow and therefore lighter.

• The logo This must be on zippers, rings, buttons and locks.

• The label In the store you will get a label where the materials are located and where it is made, plus a label with the French name of the bag, the model number and a barcode. Cest tout! Some fake factories are very smart with yellow authenticity cards or a brown envelope. Don't fall for it.

• The letters "LOUIS VUITTON PARIS made in France". The T's in Vuitton should not touch and the letter O should be perfectly round. Incidentally, some bags - such as the collaboration with Takashi Murakami - are made in Spain. So if there is another country in the bag, check where that collection was produced.

• The date Every Louis Vuitton bag has a date code and it is incorporated in the leather. The code consists of two letters, followed by four numbers.

Armcandy for rent

Imagine you have a chic wedding and think that The Mademoiselle bag by Chanel completes your look. That will cost you around 1,200 euros on the pre-owned market. Yes, we know, that's a year of botox! But, good news: you can have it all! At you rent one for € 120 per week as a member, or € 150 without a membership. At you can already score a designer bag from € 25 per week, such as the Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoulder Handbag. You can keep it for € 50 for a month.