Men see this when they cheat

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Men see this when they cheat

© Shutterstock The difference between men and women

Relationships today may not be as traditional as before. Open relationships are becoming more and more normal. Partly because of this, it may be that our perspective about cheating has also changed. For one, a kiss on the mouth is already a form of infidelity, while another does not experience sex with another person as a problem. In England they investigated: what does a woman think cheating, and what does a man think cheating?

272 women and 83 men were put to the test about cheating. There was a big difference here. Men only regard sex as cheating while women experience feelings of unfaithfulness for another person. There is a common denominator: emotional cheating is worse than physical cheating. Sexting was also classified as cheating by almost half of the women, while only 34 percent of men see this as cheating.

And where is the most cheating? At a festival! Of the ten people who visit a festival, seven people seem to find it the perfect place to pee next to the pot. Fortunately, the festival season is almost over for this year!

Source: Cosmopolitan