Moments that you recognize when you walk in high heels

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Moments that you recognize when you walk in high heels

© Editors Happy in Shape Moments that you recognize when you walk in high heels

For when you are wondering why you left home again with a pair of towering heels on your feet: you are not alone.


1. Driving with high heels is impossible

You either give a huge jet of gas or the car comes to a halt. There is no other option. Besides driving barefoot. No one sees anyway.

2. You really don't need sneakers

No, hey, you only have to walk a few hundred meters and you can really stand on your new heels for a few hours. This is a lie, by the way, and you have long regretted your choice of shoes, but nobody needs to know.

3. Asphalted paths are a godsend

Wherever you are, you are always looking for the flattest piece of street. Or a seat. That would be great by the way.

4. All other surfaces are not

You sink meters away in grass and you regularly pull a heel out of such a grid with one bare foot in the street. Who comes up with those things?

5. Stumbling, even when you stand still

If you are just talking to someone, you are stumbling over nothing at all. The gusts of wind always also ...

6. You are guaranteed to miss the bus

The moment you close the door 30 seconds later than normal, you actually already know. This will never happen again. Why do you actually try every single time? And although walking in heels is just as fast, you still run like a duck to the bus stop. Simply so that you can see how the bus is just leaving, of course.

7. The questions of others

acquaintances, strangers. They all want to know how on earth you can walk on such posts. And if your feet aren't bothering you. No and yes. But your legs seem longer, so.

8. The questions of yourself

The blisters, the pain, the cramp that completely ruined your night's rest: is that really worth it? Depends if you want an answer.

9. Unexpected slippery weather or snow

It's that time of the year again. You go in somewhere and there is nothing wrong. A few hours later you come outside and you slide across the street like a kind of Bambi. But you really don't have to bring sneakers.

10. Your toes will never be the same again

You sometimes think back to that time when your mother forbade you to wear heels because it was "bad for your feet". Your toes will never be as smooth, smooth and innocent as before.

11. That the moment that you can finally take them off is actually the most painful

You survived. You are at home and before you take off your jacket or turn on the light, you must take off those shoes. But when you try to put your foot down, the realization comes: they no longer work. This is it. From now on you will be on your toes forever. Your muscles have forgotten what to do. And that pain! Oh wait ... it's a little better. Okay, you can go back to normal. You will never do this again! Except maybe with that one outfit. Or next week, if you have that party.