"My disabled husband is a beast in bed"

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Fifteen years ago there was no cloud in the sky for my friend and me. We met at a sports academy and after turning around, it turned out to be true love. We enjoyed each other's presence and were inseparable.

© Hollandse Hoogte

Tom had taken care of everything; He had planned a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day and he wanted to ask me to marry him that evening. But after he had picked up the engagement ring from the jeweler and drove to the restaurant, Tom had a serious car accident. He got a paraplegic and would never be able to walk again.


I still get goosebumps and tears in my eyes when I think back to the phone call from the police. The ground collapsed under my feet. It soon became clear that Tom had survived the accident, but after three days in a coma I started to doubt how well he would come out. Would he still be right? Had he not become a greenhouse plant? Everything went through me, everything was uncertain.

In the meantime, thanks to a very intensive rehabilitation period, Tom can move in a wheelchair. From his toes to his rib cage, however, he no longer has any feeling. Fortunately our love is so strong that we have overcome all the inconveniences together and have come out stronger as a couple.


Then the question arose: "How are we going to do it sexually?" "Of course he couldn't get an erection anymore." But because our erotic feelings for each other remained, we had no intention of maintaining a platonic relationship. The solution came after a tip from the doctor. He drew our attention to an injection with a certain fluid in the penis, which causes the genitals to stiffen for a few hours and the brain does enough with some imagination to ensure a smashing sex.

And indeed, the doctor has not said a word too much: it is a real magic agent. The sex is even better than before! The drug causes an enormously long, hard erection and because Tom cannot get an ejaculation, we sometimes lie in bed for hours. He was already a good lover back then, but now he surpasses himself.


So the thoughts that people in a wheelchair no longer think about sex, don't have sex or have the same desires like you and me, I refer to the realm of fables! Tom and I are living proof. And I think that may well be said. Because I do see people watching with that look full of pity. They should know what this "pathetic" disabled person can still do between the sheets ...