"My father-in-law is much better in bed than his son"

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COLUMN - Lust can be quite difficult, certainly in combination with well-preserved fathers-in-law and friendly neighbors. Readers about their secret escapades.

H: "For a relationship you have to be able to lie well. About where you were. About what you are going to do. About "having eaten something wrong" when you're hanging over the pot because of the morning after pill ... "

Esther:" Every appointment with my lover is a kind of roller coaster. First the excitement of putting up and going to the place where we agreed. Then see the sensation of each other again and make love. And then the hangover: sticky back home and immediately take a shower to wipe out all traces. I feel so cheap and stupid. I have a nice relationship with a nice man, why am I doing this? For the kick? For a little confirmation? I don't know myself either. But I can't stop it either. "


Dyonne:" I've been having an affair for a year and a half now. The sex is good, there is no children-shopping-work noise like at home. I love my children and my husband dearly. But I also love having a contact that is completely outside of my daily life. With whom I only have to be a woman. One refuels in the sauna or the gym, I at my lover. That's how I see it. Or ... that's how I say it. "

Sanne:" My friend's father is a very well-preserved man in his late sixties. What can I say about it, I find it more attractive than my friend. Family parties are always exciting. One day something came from another and he is really much better in bed than his son. Deep inside I want to choose him, but my parents see me coming with someone almost seventy! "

Good neighbor

Josefine:" Nobody is looking for anything that the neighbor here often comes to drink coffee and I come to her. Our children are about the same age and play a lot with each other, our men are friends. Nobody else can do what she does with my body. "

Jolanda:" When I was pregnant, I went to bed with my ex a few times. My husband didn't feel like making love because of my growing belly. Nothing that can disable your common sense as quickly as excitement. It almost went wrong when my ex thought I would come back to him ... I am now afraid that my ex and my husband will drink coffee together again for a good conversation. "

Falling in love

W: "Turn off 'location facilities' on your smartphone and check every day whether your husband has not secretly installed a tracking app or tracker. Let all communication with your lover go through a cheap prepaid cell phone that is set to "silent" by default, and keep it at work. Never trust anyone. Be discreet and careful. I say this as someone who has been cheating on her family for three years. There is more to life than just being good. "

Dorine:" So in love ... I drive half an hour from work so I can drive through his street. He lives there with his girlfriend and son of 8 months. Then I drive home to my husband and two school-aged children. "


" I eat my lover's messages and cry because I have to erase them immediately. We can meet on average once every ten days and have done it three times now. Sometimes it is no more than 10 minutes of talking, kissing and feeling in the car, when my children have swimming lessons and he has just come to get 'a pack of cigarettes'. "

" I feel guilty towards his wife , but he says she doesn't feel like having sex anymore. More often I feel guilty towards my husband, but it is not that he still shows that he likes me every day. I know it can never end well, although I do dream about that. "