"My friend has a foot fetish, I was scared to death!"

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In this section you can share your secret anonymously. This week a woman tells me that her boyfriend is lying at her feet excitedly.

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,, Job immediately caught my eye when I saw him at work. He was a colleague of the HR department, with clear blue eyes and a blonde head full of curls. It all started innocently between us: we had some nice dates and it turned out to be super good.

What made Job different from other friends is that he often gave compliments about my shoes and after a busy day spontaneously took off my socks and started massaging my feet. For example, he never did my shoulders or neck, but I didn't care. I found it wonderfully relaxing.

Teenage Saber

The moment I found out about Job's fetish was after dinner with friends. For his birthday we had been to a good restaurant. We had already secretly built up the tension under the table and as soon as we got home, we hurried to the bedroom.

Job pushed me to bed and slowly started to take off my clothes. Dress, underwear, shoes, tights ... At my knees Job suddenly stopped. He looked at me temptingly, pulled my tights very slowly on and sniffed them. Then he started stroking my feet and before I knew it he put my big toe in his mouth. He started sucking it softly, stroking my left foot with his other hand.

I shot up. I had been wearing that pantyhose all evening and I didn't feel fresh at all. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked angrily. He turned red and stammered and explained that his feet were very excited. I was shocked, because I had not seen this coming. My excitement had completely disappeared because of his toe-sucking. Misunderstood and sad, Job finally got to bed next to me.


When I had recovered from the first shock about his confession, I thought about it again. How bad was this? Job just loves feet, but that's better than, for example, dressing up as a baby or that hassle with whips.

And I just love him in any way. We didn't talk about it anymore. I willingly let Job massage my feet and sometimes afterwards we had a wonderful "normal" free party. And that was it. Everything was fine and okay again, I thought.


One night I was in bed and I noticed that Job was no longer beside me. When, after fifteen minutes, I went to take a look, I saw him sitting in the darkness behind his laptop. He looked at women's legs with exciting stockings and sexy stilettos. And to other men who sucked on their feet, bit them and licked them.

"What is this!" I cried. Job was caught looking up. He explained that he has a foot fetish and gets very excited about it. He thought our sex was fine, but cannot express it fully. Could I really not open myself up and step over my shame and let him go his way with my feet? Out of love for him, I agreed.


We are now a month further and I still don't feel comfortable with it. Job is at my feet at least once a week during the foreplay. And while he licks my toes, I look at the ceiling. If he is extremely excited afterwards, I don't really have to go anymore.

He does his very best to get me in the mood again, which often works, but it feels a bit forced. It is no reason to end our relationship. At least, as long as he has enough at my feet and no other fetishes are added ... But secretly I hope that this is a phase that will pass again. "