"Never just give a copy of a passport in hotels"

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Every week we survey the opinion of readers about a travel subject via Telegraaf.nl/lifestyle. This week: do you have a copy of your passport made in hotels?

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While the opinions in this section are usually fairly evenly distributed, it is now crystal clear: no, no and no more! For fear of identity fraud, you make a copy of your proof of identity at home in which the citizen service number (BSN) is made illegible.

Similarly Bert van Dijck. "Strange things often happen behind the counter," he warns. Jos van Veen not only edits his BSN, but also his photo. "I draw a bar over my eyes and write on the paper that it is a copy. I hand this in at check-in. Never had any problems. "

Unfortunately, that doesn't go well with everyone. Ine Helmes tried to check in with copies in hotels in Italy and Egypt, but to her surprise they were not accepted. Also in Thailand, Bilal Choudrey and his wife had to hand over their identity cards. "Otherwise the party would not take place. We made it clear that we only wanted to give our names and passport numbers, but they did not respond. ”According to Theo van Greuningen, it makes no sense to argue with hotel staff. "Sometimes it's very simple: no passport, no room. Of course you also don't want any unpleasant situations, so you have a copy made. The chance that fraud will be committed with it is minimal, "he suspects.

I don't just hand over my passport. If a hotel asks for it, I will always stick with it. I walk to the copier. In my passport I have put a sticker on my citizen service number so that they cannot abuse it.

Ellis S.J. Purpose

I always have copies of my passport with a crossed-out citizen service number with me. Unfortunately, they are not accepted everywhere and I still have to hand over the passport. In Cuba, Mexico and Egypt they did not bother about a copy, but in Curaçao and in Italy they did. I expected this the other way around!

Ine Helmes

On the Canary Island of Lanzarote I refused to hand in my passport and then I heard that there was no room anymore. Then I gave it my heart and heart to agree. I tried to copy my photo and my citizen service number, but this was not allowed.

Ben Freriksen

Unfortunately, I experienced a couple of times in Asia that I didn't get a room because I did not want to hand over my passport. I was once taken by a hotel employee to the police station where I had to show my passport. Afterwards, checking in at the relevant hotel was no problem.

Doede Reitsma

Apart from customs, I never hand over my passport. "Everyone" can check my identity, but only if I hold the passport. I will not let it disappear from my sight because I believe that I have this document on loan. After all, it is state property for which I bear responsibility. That's why I'm in control.

Annelies Wilson

In Thailand, most accommodations ask for a passport upon check-in. Otherwise you will be refused as a guest. So unfortunately it is inevitable to give it up.

Berry van Hoof