New app for travelers with a broken heart

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

New app for travelers with a broken heart

© Lonely Planet New app for travelers with a broken heart

With so many special travel experiences being offered for couples, single travelers can indulge themselves with this new travel app. The app selects activities that are meant to support someone during a break-up, because the makers say that traveling is the best remedy for a broken heart.

The Breakup Tours app personalizes the ideal solo tour for users. A wide range of "heart-healing and soul-cleansing" travel experiences are recommended around the world that can be adjusted to suit the user's mood. It was developed by a Hong Kong based company that believes that when divorced people stay in the same routine, they become very aware of the things they are missing. The company believes that travel allows people to take a break and get new perspectives after a break. The app also offers a feature called "Circles of Travelers" to meet new friends.

Breakup Tours says there are three steps to healing: emotional release, trying something new and trying something new to learn. All activities of the app are based on these three steps. It covers more than 100 cities around the world and is available in English and Chinese.

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