New construction and permits: what is allowed and what is not allowed?

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

New construction and permits: what is allowed and what is not allowed?

Now that there is a very good chance that you will be at home for a while, with or without your partner, it is of course true that you have all the peace and time to orient yourself to the future. Are you thinking of new construction or renovation? Then it is useful to keep busy with the question of what is allowed and what is not allowed. In other words: what about the permits? We have listed a number of beautiful examples for you based on very nice projects by the experts of Rhaw Architecture from Utrecht. Take your time to view this!

New construction or renovation?

© homify / RHAW architecture New construction or renovation?

The first question that is important to answer is whether there is renovation or new construction. When renovating indoors, a building permit is often not required, but as soon as there is an extension of your home or if something changes to the facade, it is. Always find out well in your own municipality and if you cannot figure it out yourself, be sure to consult with an architect, a contractor or another professional.

Monument or not?

© homify / RHAW architecture Monument or not?

For many people this is a cup to skip, but if you live in an old house that has the status of a national monument or municipal monument, then often even stricter rules apply. Also something you have to take into account. Indoors it is often possible to change some things (also often after permission from, for example, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands), but the outside of a monument should in principle remain unchanged.

The environment

© homify / RHAW architecture The environment

Are you going to do new construction in the private sector? Then there is quite a lot possible! But what you do see is that with new construction near nature reserves or with a protected village or city view, the necessary restrictions are imposed. The right architect can certainly offer a solution, who knows exactly how to make a design that meets the requirements.

The neighborhood as inspiration

© homify / RHAW architecture The neighborhood as inspiration

Whether or not there are restrictions in place for a new construction project, it is often fun to use the neighborhood as inspiration. That has been the case in this villa neighborhood in Driebergen. It was decided to design this villa in a new style that fits beautifully with the houses that can already be found here. And that produces a fantastic image as you can see.

Outside old, inside new

© homify / RHAW architecture Outside old, inside new

Bypassing the rules may sound a bit negative, but it is true that you can of course ensure that everything stays old outside while creating something completely new inside. And that is the case with this beautiful old farmhouse, although you might not say that at first glance. Curious how this beautiful gem came out from the inside? You can see that in this article, you will be amazed!

Nothing visible from the street

© homify / RHAW architecture From the street nothing to see

Again the last photo of an old house with a new extension. Here it is ensured that you cannot see from the street that something new has been built and that can also ensure that the local welfare committee agrees with your new or renovation project. Always find out what the options are and then it will all be fine. Take your period at home but take a moment to find out all that.