New year, new colors on the walls

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

New year, new colors on the walls

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Does your interior need a boost? Get started with paint and play with colors and shapes. These are the tips from vtwonen for a surprising result.

The use of color on the wall determines the atmosphere in the house. Dark colors create a cozy appearance, while light colors give the room a spatial appearance.

Choose a bright color or a special color contrast. Another nice thing is to create a gradient or so-called ombré effect with shades from the same color family.

Do you prefer peace and quiet at home? Then choose one color or different shades of the same color, and a harmonious whole will soon be created. Even if, for example, you combine different colors of green - from very light to deep dark green -.

If you want to follow the latest trends, you should opt for brown. That color has gone back: from coffee grounds to camels and from mahogany to beige. They are warm, robust colors that are less heavy than black.

Color creates a game of shapes

It can be fun to play with shapes and surfaces. Give the wall a boost with a special shape or striking surface in a different color. If you have many straight lines in your interior, a circle on the wall gives just that nice contrast.

A graphic pattern provides a striking, playful effect. More painted is a paneling, although it can also give the wall an 'unpolished edge'.

Another powerful effect: let the hue of the ceiling run a bit on the wall.

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Color makes a statement

Do you have a long wall that could use some spice? Then choose a solid color surface on the wall that 'breaks' the surface and creates a nice contrast. A wall painting is also a special eye-catcher. Search for a template on the internet, design a drawing yourself or have one made by an artist. It can also be a quote or short poem, or even a complete painting.

Tip: Working on the nursery? A glittering wall seems bold, but gives the room an attractive touch. With a layer of glitter paint on a dark blue ceiling, you create a real starry sky.