Nice scent! From your friend?

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Nice scent! From your friend?

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You used to have different scents for women and men, but nowadays it works pretty well together. The most important thing is that a scent suits you. That's why you can wear more and more scents unisex, so you can borrow from each other.

Currently there are various scents in a ladies' and gentlemen's variant. From the same brand, from the same series, but one is slightly heavier (gentlemen) than the other (ladies). The trend is that you can choose yourself, although women tend to be male rather than vice versa.

Double layer

Worth testing: mix scents, we call that 'layering'. So first spray a layer of the women's scent and then the men's scent on top. Can be very surprising! And of course it also looks nice, such a set from a certain brand on the dresser. Even better is: in a drawer of the dresser, because too much light is not good for a scent. Also, do not store perfume or eau de toilette in the bathroom, because it is too moist there.


Buying a perfume remains difficult, but there are a few handy guidelines. Use a scent strip, then you can compare odors with each other. Blow the scent strip under the nose. Once you know which one you like the most, spray it on the skin. Smell only after five minutes, because then the scent is really â € ˜developedâ € ™. Smelling fresh coffee beans in the meantime would make the nose â € ˜cleanâ € ™ again, but yes, that doesn't help you in a perfumery.


In the summer heat a perfume cause stains on the skin. Then spray the scent on clothing or on the hair. The use of a perfume balm is also a great option. Or choose a summer perfume without alcohol, or the body lotion variant of a fragrance. Do you want to smell a little less strong in the summer? Then spray some perfume in the air and walk through it, so you have a wonderful â € ˜wingâ € ™ around you.

Fragrance family

The fragrance families of perfumes can be roughly classified in three variants: the Zoeten (flowers, fruit), the Oriental languages ??(spicy, strong, oriental) and the Greens (wood and plants). An eau de toilette is the lighter version (ideal for the summer) and then the eau de perfumes and perfume, in terms of strength. A perfume oil is slightly warmer.

Do & not do

Apply perfume to warm areas of the skin: at the wrists, behind the ear, in the dà © colletà ©. A scent smells differently on the skin than in the bottle. That has to do with the temperature of the skin, so always test it on the wrist. Never rub the wrists against each other, because that will destroy the fragrance molecules, which will make the perfume smell less good. Put perfume away in the dark, not in the heat or in the bathroom (too moist). It is just like with a good wine: avoid temperature fluctuations. Change perfume every other week, otherwise you will no longer smell what you are wearing. Hydrated skin absorbs a scent better.