Not every friendship is for life

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Not every friendship is for life

© Shutterstock Your BFF probably got to know you at school and your friendship was priority number 1. You are now both other people and your priorities too. How do you deal with this?

Friendships have developed during primary school, secondary school and your education that you would prefer to keep in your life. That friend who has dragged you through every break-up with whom you have shared joys and sorrows is your Best Friend Forever (BFF). What if you suddenly realize that you do not fit together so well?

Life is divided into phases. In your student days you had plenty of time for drinks, coffee dates and hours of telephone calls. When you started working afterwards, you already noticed that you really had to plan appointments. Now that you have a permanent relationship, you suddenly notice that you have little time left. Let alone if you have children.

The phases in your life teach you a lot about your priorities. Your free time is suddenly precious and you want to spend it with the people you feel most comfortable with and who are most important to you.

Often you both notice it when a friendship becomes watered down. Appointment is difficult while you do agree with another friend. You realize that in this new phase of life you no longer fit together so well. You have both also made new friends with whom you share the same interests.

Never assume that your friend also understands that you no longer fit together so well. If you want to break up in a nice way, express your feelings in an open and honest conversation. Perhaps only this conversation was needed to get closer together again. If not, it is also good to accept that your friendship is no longer as intense as it used to be.