Oops: these are the most common interior mistakes

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Oops: these are the most common interior mistakes

© Grazia Oops: these are the most common interior mistakes.

Nothing is better than a tidy house. And if the styling of your interior also looks top-notch, it's totally a party. Yet that is often easier said than done.


What looked so nice on that one photo on Pinterest still appears to be quite difficult to imitate. There are therefore a few common mistakes in terms of interior, which we have probably all made. Until now!

1. Paintings

Well, how high do you actually hang the artworks? If you want to give art a place on the wall, it is important to remember that the center of the painting must always be at eye level.

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2. On the wall

It is just what you want : a formal or a more relaxed setting of your house When you place all furniture against the wall, the room quickly looks formal, but when you place your furniture in the middle of the room, it immediately gives a relaxed appearance.

3. Nice and colorful

White is an easy color and is therefore often used in the household - neutral and safe - but too much white is just not, since your interior Then it may look a bit boring, so choose - yes, it may sound a bit scary - for a little more color in your house, and you'll see the space become more vibrant.

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4. Center point

The most stylish way of placing your television furniture is to place it in the middle of the room instead of exactly in the middle of the room. more on the side the screen does not dominate the room and it looks much more stylish. But also think of other furniture such as a luxury corner sofa or a cloister table.

5. Accessories

Cushions are small decorative items that make your home that little bit more fun. Although you have to be careful with it. A cushion here and there for your couch is nice, but just keep it simple. If you first have to push the pile of cushions aside, before you can nestle on the couch, that might say enough. Although it often looks very nice ...

Of course everyone is different in terms of interior, and you can never really go wrong. Everyone has their own taste, right? And to be honest: a little extravagant or over the top can also be a lot of fun!

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