Our dog Layla doesn't listen at all, what to do?

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Our dog Layla doesn't listen at all, what to do?

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We removed our boomer Layla (13) from the shelter and walked away three times in the beginning. But the big problem is that she doesn't listen when we call her. That's why we don't dare let her go. Does it make sense to go to a dog school?

Yes, a dog (and a human being too) is never too old to learn. Both dog and owner will learn a lot from a course at a dog school. This also ensures more mutual understanding and a stronger bond. During such a course Layla will learn that it can be a lot of fun to report to you during or after the game, because she will be rewarded with attention and / or goodies. Without attention or reward, a dog will not report and want to continue playing. If an owner then gets angry, there's even less reason for a dog to report.

It would be great if you break this behavior at a dog school. Everyone benefits from a course, even if you've had a dog all your life. Have fun with Layla!

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