Out and about in Croatia: the best trips and activities

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Out and about in Croatia: the best trips and activities

A holiday in Croatia guarantees beautiful beaches, beautiful campsites and adventurous trips. Curious where you can all go out in Croatia? Check our tips.

© Offered by Zoover Media BV Out and about in Croatia - Rovinj The best to do's in the beautiful port town of Rovinj

Enjoy the good life in Istria in the port of Rovinj. A cheerful, sunny place full of excursion and fishing boats with enough choice of restaurants on the quay. Enjoy the boats that come and go, wonder how quickly the fishermen repair their broken nets and just watch people on a terrace. Nothing beats a beautiful sunset to end the day. In Rovinj the sun can do something! The sunsets here are notoriously beautiful.

© Offered by Zoover Media BV Going out in Croatia - Jelsa-Hvar 5x attractions for Croatia fans

Did you know that Croatia has more than 1000 islands? Many of the islands are uninhabited and are only visited by fishermen and medieval monks. We would like to highlight Island of Bra?, Hvar and Vis for you. Do you already know the famous heart island of Galešnjak, for example? Whether you feel like relaxing or being active, you can do it all at Galešnjak. The baroque city of Varaždin, the Medvednica nature park, the Kupa river and the capital Zagreb are also among our top list of options for taking a trip to Croatia.

© Offered by Zoover Media BV Going out in Croatia - Rakovica-Plitvice-Lakes Definitely do during your camping holiday Croatia

The Plitvice Lakes are one of the most famous sights in Croatia. Here you will find sixteen clear lakes and no fewer than ninety waterfalls, all located in the Plitvice National Park. There are several beautiful walking routes in the park, where you can take a train ride or explore nature by boat. Plenty of options! Whichever option you choose, your visit to the Plitvice Lakes is guaranteed to be a highlight of your vacation in Croatia.

© Offered by Zoover Media BV Out and about in Croatia - Trogir Croatia: see and do 5 times in Trogir

It is not for nothing that Trogir is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Walking through the medieval city you will see history and culture in front of you. For example, climb the historic Kamerlengo Castle. This place on the boulevard used to be the residence of the Venetian governor. Admire the special art collection in the Benedictine church and walk along the old city wall. Curious about the other sights in Trogir from our top list? Stroll through the historic center and grab a drink along the boulevard. Or go eat at Restaurant Calebotta and walk in at the beautiful town hall.

© Offered by Zoover Media BV Going out in Croatia - Funtana You should definitely do this in Funtana, Croatia

In the summer months Funtana transforms into a place full of art and culture. Numerous shows are held in the town, many of which you can visit for free. Join a painting workshop and go to a classical music concert in the St. Bernard Church. Sniffing more culture? Be sure to visit the Sculpture Park of the famous Croatian sculptor Dušan Džamonja (near Funtana).

© Offered by Zoover Media BV Out and about in Croatia - Dvor-Trakoscan Fairy-tale: 5x castles in Croatia

Trakoš?an, Lužnica, Veliki Tabor, ?akovec, Erdody-Rubido: no shortage of fairytale castles in Croatia. Our favorite? Put Trakoš?an Castle especially at the top of your to-do list to go out in Croatia. According to many, this is the most beautiful castle in Croatia. The castle was built in the 13th to guard the roads. You will find the castle in the northwest of the country and stand along the road in the city of Ptuj, which is now located in Slovenia. According to legend, the Knights of Drachenstein gave their name to the castle.

© Offered by Zoover Media BV Going out in Croatia - Dalmatia Wonderful diving or snorkeling in Croatia!

Snorkeling in Croatia is a great experience. Not only do you see the most beautiful things floating in the water, it is also easy to do. Pack your snorkel and flippers, drive to an inviting stretch of coast and jump straight into the water. You can do this in practically every village or town on the coast. Unforgettable snorkeling spots can be found between the islands of Dalmatia, the Makarska Riviera or off the coast of the Pakleni islands. Does this taste of more? Then you can consider taking a test dive. What a way to start your diving career!

Staying overnight in Croatia

Do you enjoy camping? Going out in Croatia is a great idea! There is a lot of green, many beautiful coastal towns and the campsites are often nice and affordable too. Croatia is bursting with campsites anyway, view them all here. Near Porec, for example, lies Glamping Bijela Uvala, with a large swimming pool and luxury safari tents. Perfect if you like luxury camping!