Packing for a city trip: that's how you do it

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Packing for a city trip: that's how you do it

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City trips are often visits of only a few days, so ideal for traveling with hand waste only. That means limited space to take things with you. With our packing tips you can take as much as possible so that you look your best every day.

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A good start is half the work

Check the weather forecast and adjust your clothing accordingly. Our tip; pack layers, layers and layers. This way you are prepared for any weather. And if you are still checking, also check if they have towels in your hotel or apartment. Saves you a lot of space if you don't have to take this with you. If you have to bring one, go for a hammam towel. These cloths weigh nothing and you can fold mega small.Â

Furthermore, it is useful to make a packing list and to prepare all the clothing that you want to take with you in sets. Consider what you can combine with each other. You will then see for yourself if you will really need all the stuff. And maybe a bit of an open door, but only take the clothes that you really need. Ask yourself with each item of clothing whether you are really going to wear it. You will not suddenly wear clothes that you do not wear at home while on vacation. Also keep in mind that you will probably be able to buy everything you miss during your trip.

I am going on a trip and I am taking ...

Are you going on a city trip? then it is smart to take a small trolley that you can roll easily and not a bag that you have to carry on your back. It is really nice to only take handbage with you, because that saves a lot of hassle. There are a number of smart tips to get rid of as much as possible in your handbage. Try, for example, to roll up your clothes to save space, then squeeze the air out of the clothes so that your packages become smaller. This also prevents your clothes from creasing. Furthermore, you naturally leave no corner of your suitcase unused. For example, put your socks in your shoes.

Clothes make men (or women)

During the flight it is best to wear your thickest clothing and also put on your heaviest shoes , that also saves space in your suitcase. It is always a good idea to take a scarf with you on your city trip; handy when it gets a bit colder, the air conditioner in the plane is high and it just looks nice. Take a small backpack or handbag with you to keep your valuables with you: your passport, camera, wallet, etc.

Mix & Match magic

The is really not necessary to bring a lot of clothing sets, so that you have different looks during your city trip. Try to combine different items of clothing. Small details such as jewelery can immediately transform an outfit into a chic version so that you can also appear in that cool bar or club in the evening.

Pay attention to liquids

If you bring your suitcase as hand luggage on the plane, remember that you are not allowed to take liquids of more than 100 ml. Mini toiletries or refillable bottles are the way to go. Also a great tip: buy all your toiletries at the destination. That saves some space in your suitcase. Do you have anything left after your city trip? Then leave it in your apartment for the next guests.

Do you have any other handy packing tips? Let us know.