Perfectionism is not perfect

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Perfectionism is not perfect

© iStock It can be an unhealthy obsession.

Perfectionism can be a very good trait. It ensures that people set new records, make technological progress and that accidents are avoided. Yet perfectionism is far from perfect. It can not only be disturbing to the people around them, but perfectionists can also get in the way of themselves.

Healthy or unhealthy

You can be perfectionist in two ways, namely on a healthy or unhealthy way. However, the difference is not always easy to recognize. Healthy perfectionism means that you do your utmost for an excellent result, but if something goes wrong you can accept this. Unfortunately, perfectionism can also ensure that you have towering expectations of yourself and if you do not meet these expectations, you cannot simply accept this. Then there is unhealthy perfectionism.


If you are perfectionist in an unhealthy way, you quickly get stressed out. Because you are never satisfied with your good performance, it becomes more difficult to perform in the future. Depression, anxiety, stress and other negative feelings are the possible consequences. This can lead to procrastination, avoiding challenges and self-tampering.

If you are a perfectionist, it is important to accept that you will never be truly perfect. If this does not work independently, it is wise to ask for help from an expert.

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