Practical and personal: unique infrared heating

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Practical and personal: unique infrared heating

You may have read about infrared heating on homify before. This form of heating provides direct and local heating that is very practical and pleasant, but also has a very nice other side. You can have this heating applied very personally! That is why we have listed the best work of the experts from Heat Art - Infrared Heating from Gameren at Zaltbommel. We will also give you the inspiration that may bring you very nice and creative ideas!

In the bathroom

© homify / Heat Art - infrared heating In the bathroom

In this article, several rooms in the house pass by and we start in the bathroom. The bathroom is a place where you want to be nice and warm in the winter, especially if you are going to enjoy a pleasant bath. The entourage in this bathroom is certainly perfect to enjoy. And in this bath you will certainly enjoy it: the beautiful image that can be found above the bath is namely an infrared panel that provides heating!

Another bathroom < / h2> © homify / Heat Art - infrared heating Another bathroom

Before we also view other rooms and spaces with infrared heating, another bathroom again. Here too the heating has been applied to the bath, now to the ceiling. No image here, but nice gray panels on the ceiling that certainly add something to the whole in terms of depth. Certainly also a nice solution.

Sleep well

© homify / Heat Art - infrared heating Sleep well

Do you like a little (extra) warmth in the bedroom? In terms of atmosphere, we have opted for an interior with lots of gray and not that much color. It is precisely the artwork above the bed that gives a lot of color and, as you might already feel, there will also be a lot of heat! For all cold colors it is a very good idea to place such a panel next to the bed.

Sexy bedroom

© homify / Heat Art - infrared heating Sexy bedroom

Do you feel like a sexy bedroom? Then be sure to be inspired! It is of course very nice to dress your bedroom in this way. Such text on the wall fits literally and figuratively completely with this sexy infrared panel. Here you can see that the panel is placed a little further from the bed so that you get the heat a little less directly. Ideal if you do not want to get too hot while sleeping, although this image may also raise the temperature considerably ...

The kitchen

© homify / Heat Art - infrared heating The kitchen

Pleasant heat directly on the kitchen counter during cooking? In this case this was achieved by hanging a very nice panel on one of the walls in the kitchen. And the image that has been chosen is a must have for every coffee lover! If you also want some inspiration for a very nice kitchen, then you can certainly take advantage of this picture.

Heat from above

© homify / Heat Art - infrared heating Warmth from above

You have seen before that the infrared heating can also be placed very well on the ceiling. Here you see a kitchen where a beautiful blue cloudy sky has been chosen! For example, it looks like you have a beautiful skylight, but it only gives off heat.

In the workplace

© homify / Heat Art - infrared heating On the workplace

Heat Art - Infrared Heating not only provides the most beautiful and practical heat solutions for private individuals, this system is also very suitable for workplaces and can also be a valuable addition to the atmosphere to be. Ideal to be able to heat each workplace individually in this way: this way every employee can get exactly the heat he or she needs. With this photo we have reached the end of our overview. Do you want to know more about this type of heating? This article can help you further!