Proven: the best opening sentence when dating online

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Proven: the best opening sentence when dating online

& # 169; Marie Claire Proven: the best opening sentence when you are online dating

After some swiping you finally have a nice match on Tinder, Happn or whatever dating app you use. Are you waiting for him / her to send a message or do you take matters into your own hands? And more importantly: what do you have to say to come across as original but not too needy? Dating website Plenty of Fish comes to the rescue and comes up with the redeeming answer.


Do you start a conversation with a simple "hi" or do you have a few catchy opening sentences as standard? According to Plenty of Fish, it is best to pick up on something specific in someone's bio. The dating website came to this conclusion by interviewing a thousand people who had actually found their partner via an online dating website.

Common interests

So it says in the bio of your match that he is crazy about the Homeland series, ask a question about it. According to twenty percent of the women surveyed, her current partner had wrapped her up in this way, since it would testify to an interest in common interests. What you shouldn't touch is a compliment about someone's appearance; this would be less likely to result in success stories.

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