Real men are in the middle of the dance floor

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Real men are in the middle of the dance floor

© Unsplash Dance Floor

Remember, the school parties of the past. All the girls were on the dance floor and the boys were hanging around the hall a little uncomfortably. A shame, because men who can dance are often found more sexy by women. In the year 2019 there is therefore no reason anymore to stand dull on the side with a beer in hand. Real men are in the middle of the dance floor.

Practice makes perfect

"But I can't dance", rhythm exercises are already being done in kindergarten. Of course, it may be that you are completely a rhythmic, but practice makes perfect. Tap along with the music when you listen to the car radio. Moreover, you learn the best by doing. Music on, headphones on and dancing. If you find this uncomfortable, try cooking or vacuuming. Dance like nobody is watching. It doesn't really matter what you do. The secret is that you have fun and it shows. Then self-confidence comes naturally.

Feet of the dance floor

Suppose you have slept on a lady with your dance moves and you will get married someday, then there is a chance that your future want a 'first dance'. So sooner or later you really have to believe it. You better start today than in a few years.