Reebok launches sportswear for pregnant women

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Reebok launches sportswear for pregnant women

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Earlier Happy in Shape already published an article that sports during your pregnancy is super healthy. Now Reebok comes with a collection for expectant mothers who want to keep exercising during their pregnancy. And yes, the clothing stretches with your growing belly and does not pinch!

During your pregnancy it can be pretty difficult to find nice, comfortable clothes. This certainly also applies to sportswear, because exercising in leggings that are too tight and low-cut is far from pleasant. Let alone if you have to do this with an ever-increasing belly. The Reebok maternity sportswear collection therefore consists of items that have a flattering fit and grow with your body.

The collection

For example, the sport leggings have an extended waistband, which give your baby maximum support during exercise and the flexible sports bras offer great support. In short, indispensable for all fit moms to be!

You can shop the collection here.

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