Research shows: children are getting smarter from traveling (and that's good news for all parents)

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Research shows: children are getting smarter from traveling (and that's good news for all parents)

© copyright Columbus Travel 2020 Columbus The discovery of that very beautiful and large outdoor playground (read: the world) is of great importance for the development of children. This is why you should go on holiday with your children.

Children are (just like you) happy with a vacation. But did you know that it also makes them more creative and smarter? How does that work exactly? Stepping out of routine and exploring a new, different environment gives your child's brain development a huge boost.

This is how a child develops on vacation

"What few people know is that vacations and travel stimulate children's brain development," says British psychologist Dr. Margot Sunderland. On holiday, the brain is approached in a different way than at home, so that parts of the brain are activated that are activated to a lesser extent at home. And the only thing your child has to do is play.

Because you (child) step out of the daily routine and are in a different environment, it is more stimulated to play. And that is good for the frontal lobe, which is responsible for stress regulation, attention and concentration, planning capacity and learning capacity.

By the way, go out into nature with your child, because research from the University of Melbourne shows that after 20 minutes in nature your child can concentrate better.

How much smarter do children get out of holiday?

During a holiday, not only is the frontal lobe stimulated, but children also improve their social and interpersonal skills when they come into contact with locals, for example. .

Even at a later age a child reaps the benefits of vacations. Children who have traveled a lot are better able as adults to look further, come up with original ideas and assess situations well.

Infinite memory

Children start to see the world in a completely different way after a journey. They do not have to worry about global inequality, climate change and other serious issues, but researchers are keen to emphasize the importance of small impressions. It is fascinating that no Fanta is served in cafés in France, but Orangina - every child will remember that well after the holidays.

And happy memories of beautiful vacations can help a child later when things are not going well. By thinking of the beautiful moments you are able to approach problems with a new sense of perspective. So quickly book a holiday with your kids!