Say this to your partner after a fight

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Say this to your partner after a fight

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Quarrels are almost inevitable in a relationship. They don't have to harm your relationship, but they can if you blame each other for the fight, ignore each other, or are too stubborn to apologize. What should you say to your partner after an argument to make amends? Relationship experts recommend that you say one of the following.

How can we solve it?

This is how you start a solution-oriented conversation and show that you don't want to argue .

I'm sorry

If you made a mistake, always say sorry and also indicate what you made. That your partner has also made mistakes is no reason not to say sorry.

I love you

After an argument, your partner may start to doubt whether you still love him or loves her. At this point, too, it's important to show your partner that the fight doesn't get in the way of your love.

I feel like ...

you don't always talk about what your partner did ("you said ...", "you did ...") and focus on how you feel. Otherwise, you will come across as very accusative, and your partner will try to defend himself.

Can we discuss this tomorrow?

If you really feel like you need to cool down, sometimes it is simply better to sleep overnight. Don't try to keep shifting though, because avoiding the conversation for a long time can only make it worse.

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