"Scared teachers? Everyone also works in healthcare! "

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Hester Zitvast writes for VROUW about what strikes her in the news. This time about the opening of the schools after the May holidays and the resistance to this from some parents and teachers. "This decision was made deliberately. It would be nice if healthcare workers stay home for fear… ”

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Most parents crave open school doors. Working from home for six weeks and teaching has left few in the cold. Especially parents whose work continued at full speed will walk on their gums. But if they express that, they are guaranteed to be tapped on the fingers by a know-it-all. School is not a shelter! You wanted children! ". Yes we did. But children have a right to education. And we have generally arranged our lives so that we can work when they are in the school desks.

Slight effect

It is sour that the closure of schools is not necessary afterwards been. According to all kinds of research, the effect was very small, but many parents and unions insisted on closing the school doors. Anxiety again proves to be a bad advisor, but for better safe, than sorry there is also something to be said in this.

Studies by RIVM now show that children were never the source of corona, they were at most contaminated by their parents. For a month and a half, children received half / half education. Perhaps nothing has been lost in fanatical and stable families, but in many families the child has not completed an assignment and has fallen behind considerably.


School is not a shelter, agree. But school is more than just a place where children learn to calculate and write. They gain social skills and often find a safe place, sometimes safer than at home. Especially for children from vulnerable families there is a better time with structure again. It is nice for every child. But why then this resistance when it turns out that children are not the source of a corona infection?

Every teacher has a vulnerable person in his / her immediate environment. Some teachers themselves belong to the risk group. But is that why you should stay at home? Find a solution, within school. It would be a good thing if healthcare workers stay home for fear ... And mind you, they really run a daily risk of contamination. If we are all guided by fear, the supermarket will no longer be filled and patients on the ICs will have to figure out how the ventilator works.


It's easy only to believe what you come up with or shout very loudly. And the louder you cry, the greater the unrest. Parents keep children at home anyway (30% consider this!), Teachers feel unsafe and nothing is done yet about picking up structure. But what do we want? Sitting at home with children for a few months? Who then provides the correct education? Who keeps an eye on underprivileged children?

Finding a new way will not be easy. But in advance and without knowledge, contradicting all the research done, putting a false safety above everything and staying at home longer is not good for anyone. Open those doors, the kids are ready. The parents who work from home cannot wait. And the majority of the teachers will also be eager to see their children again. Even if there is at least 1.5 meters between them.

Hester (42) has a relationship with Taco and is the mother of two adolescents and a second-laying toddler. She detests sports, lives for food and is a co-founder of the Instagram account Living trial. She freelances for various women's magazines.