Schiphol receives extra service especially for families

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Schiphol receives extra service especially for families

Few things are as stressful as going on a flying holiday with small children. Lots of luggage, whining kids and while you're looking for your passport, that little one just runs away again or puts it on a roar. © Offered by Zoover

Nanny for your kids

Schiphol wants to make traveling more enjoyable for families by using special nannies for security. These nannies put the children at ease and help with the security procedure and are part of the family lanes that Schiphol has opened at various places. Research by Schiphol shows that the satisfaction of travelers through these facilities has increased. The national airport also tries to reduce the stress level of travelers in other areas. For example, large self-service information kiosks will be created where travelers can easily ask their questions. If necessary, you can also ask a question to an employee. Schiphol also uses mobile teams that can be called up via these columns.

Saving time

Just like at Dallas airport, Schiphol will experiment with fast passes that allow transfer passengers who have less than an hour transfer time to go through security and customs more quickly. That should result in a time saving of 20 minutes. Schiphol wants to better inform travelers about the crowds on peak days. There are 70,000 sensors at the airport and Schiphol can therefore predict where it will be busy and when. By offering people a personal time slot on busy days, Schiphol thinks it can spread the crowds. Also save time, especially if you travel with children, by staying a night near Schiphol. This way you don't have to get away from stress and rush on the day of flying, but you can unload the day before and leave for the airport. Holiday maker Lia did the same, she stayed at hotel citizenM Schiphol Airport and says: "Ideal for stress-free travel, close to the departure hall, soundproofed rooms, nice shower, nice bed." Staying at the Schiphol terminal is also possible at the Mercure hotel, check in your checked baggage in advance: "Perfect if you have to fly very early and still want a bit of a normal night's sleep. You get up and walk to the gate. Within a small You are on your plane for an hour and you start your holiday fully rested. You can only take hand luggage. We only went 4 days away, so we only had hand luggage. However, it is not cheap, "says holiday maker Fenna. Stay overnight without stress and for little money? Then go to the Herbergh Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, as Ad and his partner did: "If you want to leave Schiphol without stress, this is a very nice small-scale family hotel with 2 excellent restaurants. The room rate is very acceptable. With the free shuttle bus will take you to Schiphol in 10 minutes. " Source: ANP