See: bizarre eyelash trend goes viral

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

See: bizarre eyelash trend goes viral

© Grazia See: bizarre eyelash trend goes viral

Eyes wide open is the motto! And with a good lick of mascara you can easily create those XXL eyelashes. An iconic makeup look that we can never get enough of. Yet there is now another eyelash look that many people can't talk about, namely the curly eyelashes.


From wasabi as a natural lipfiller to edible nails of chocolate, there are already we have reviewed bizarre beauty trends. The curly eyelashes are another example of this.

And no, we are not talking here about curled eyelashes, but about eyelashes with curls. Yes, your eyelashes are literally put in the curl.

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Social media

Recently a new one appeared some pictures of the new curly eyelashes trend on social media, and beauty fans couldn't believe their eyes.

Some think the eyelashes look like a pack of noodles, while others praise the eyelash look. "Just when I thought I had seen everything ..." and "this is something different", are reactions that sound on social media.

Source & Image: Instagram, BSR