See: new look for Nienke Plas

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

See: new look for Nienke Plas

© Grazia See: new look for Nienke Plas

Nienke is that you? The YouTube star has gone for a totally different haircut and what does it look good on her!

New look

Nienke posted a photo of her new look on Instagram yesterday and was flooded with positive reactions. "As nice as you just woke up and the sun is shining on your bare buttock face," she wrote at the post.


Fans responded en masse to the photo van Nienke and some even found her to look like Glennis Grace or Tyra Banks. "Hey, twin sister of Glennis!" and "you look a lot like Tyra Banks here," it sounds under the photo.

See her new look below and judge for yourself!

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Source & Image: BSR, Instagram