Send someone a flower? You should give these varieties right now

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Send someone a flower? You should give these varieties right now

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"Each flower has a different meaning and the color of the flower also says something about the message you can leave behind," says Edwin van Arkel of

If you want to wish someone good luck and health, go for a bouquet with chrysanthemums. With a bunch of lilies you wish someone a rest. Would you like to thank someone and show your appreciation? Then go for a bouquet with roses.

Well-known flower types and their meaning

Rose: I love you

Chrysanthemum: I wish you good luck

Lily: I wish you peace and purity

Gerbera: Everything is more fun with you

Tulip: I wish you success

Color meaning

The color of the flower is just as important. Yellow stands for energy and strength and is often used in friendship. Red stands for passion and romance and is often used in the romantic field. At the moment, pink is perfect in your bouquet: this color symbolizes cheerfulness and light.

Do you want to send someone a little cheerfulness and let them know that there are really more fun times to come? Then send a bouquet of pink gerberas. A bunch of yellow chrysanthemums are ideal if you want to wish the other person happiness, health and strength and red roses are the ideal token of appreciation.

Some other color meanings in a row:

Red : passion, love, romance, seduction, strength

Orange: wealth, cheerfulness, fun, optimism, energy

Yellow: strength, happiness, friendship, energy

White: purity, purity, purity, innocence, silence and tranquility

Green: Hope, growth, life, spring, future

Purple: Grief, penance, fasting, modesty, submission currently supports the local florists they work with by fully covering the delivery costs. With this free delivery, the giver will support both the recipient and the local florist.