Short of cash? These dates are almost completely free

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Short of cash? These dates are almost completely free

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December was an expensive month for everyone. Gifts, drinks, dinner parties - it all comes to pass. So it's not surprising if you start the new year with a miniscule bank account. Yet that should not stand in the way of those moments that you want to share with someone. Imagine that you just met someone at that New Year's party. Or perhaps courting someone is your good intention. Then that would mean that you should start dating. But dating is generally quite an expensive hobby as a man. A somewhat gallant type naturally attracts the bill. Fortunately, dating is not synonymous with spending money. There are plenty of dates that you can do if you are short of cash. These are a few (almost) free ideas to give you some inspiration:

The wall seat dates

May not sound that attractive at first, but listen to what we have to say . You perform this date in the middle of the city. Maybe it will cost you a sandwich and a drink once, but nothing more. So free if you want to make it yourself.

You sit on a wall together. Preferably on a busy day. This is the perfect place to spot people. And now comes the game: You are going to find as many look-a-likes as possible from either people you know or find famous people. Nice variation: Find dogs that look like certain people - or people who look like certain dogs. You can also make a bingo in advance. Invest a little more time, but perhaps a little more fun.

Visit a free museum

You may be surprised, but not every museum has an entrance fee. It's that easy. Certainly if you know that there are quite a lot of places that are free of charge. Check here where you can go, for example.

DIY film evening

This can be used in winter and outside in summer. Nice. You decorate your living room with blankets and pillows and everything that is soft so that you have the most comfortable hanging space that has ever been devised. Then you make popcorn yourself (that is super easy and very cheap) and you will have a movie night together in a place that is as dark as possible. Laptop for you and start. It can hardly be more romantic, but it can hardly be more free than this. In the summer you can do this trick in the park for example. Then you take a plaid and (although perhaps a little less comfortable) you repeat the outdoor party. Success guaranteed