Smart solutions for your own workplace at home

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Smart solutions for your own workplace at home

Now that it seems that most people still have to work at home for quite some time, it is useful to make sure that you have some smart solutions at hand for your own workplace at home. And as you have come to expect from us, we have taken another look at the best photos of our experts and have listed the necessary advice for you. We hope that we can also do our bit at homify to make the Corona crisis somewhat bearable. And take advantage of that, both for yourself and for the kids!

Guest room and study room

© homify / Studio-em Guest room and study room

Have do you have a spare room in your house? There is a very big chance that it will not be used by guests for the time being, so definitely use that room as an office. A desk or a table is placed quickly enough, make sure you have a good lamp and connect that laptop so you can get started right away.

The kitchen table?

© homify / Global Architects The kitchen table?

It is a solution that is certainly possible, but we immediately indicate that it is not preferable. Working at the kitchen table is fine, but make sure that you clearly separate food and work. Do you have a separate dining room at home? You can also temporarily rename it to the office!

On the balcony or on the terrace

© homify / DIE BALKONGESTALTER On the balcony or on the terrace

Outdoor activities should now be limited as much as possible to ensure that the terrible virus does not spread more quickly and that too many weak people become seriously ill or worse. Still, you probably want to take in the necessary outside air. Do you have a quiet spot on your terrace or on your balcony? Just use that to start working: this way you can combine the useful with the pleasant.

An extra table

© homify / Alessandra Pisi / Pisi Design Architectes An extra table

Here we see a picture of an optic, but we are certainly not concerned with the glasses, but with the nice table placed here. It is a very good idea to just put an extra table in the room and use it specifically as a desk. This way you really have your own place where you can also safely leave your laptop and other things.

The children

© homify / ANTE M?MARLIK The children

If you have school children, they are now also for some time sentenced to follow education from home. It is therefore nice that there is a desk in the kids' bedroom where they can work quietly and possibly have contact with the teacher or master via the laptop. Of course, keep an eye out every now and then to see if everything is going well, otherwise agree on a fixed time during the day that you will work together for an hour on school assignments.

In the laundry room!

© homify / mlynchyk interiors In the laundry room!

Do you really want your own workspace but there is no other room available? You can also easily convert your laundry room into a mini office! Not a bad idea right? Make sure you are not washing during office hours, making a phone call with a spin washing machine is of course not so useful ...

Together at the table

© homify / La Manual Together at the table

In addition to work, also provide the necessary relaxation. Play table games with your family at set times or enjoy your hobbies. Or take the time to relax with homify, we are also happy to help you with this in this article!