So many colleagues masturbate at work

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

So many colleagues masturbate at work

© Grazia So many colleagues masturbate at work

You see your colleagues more often than most friends or family members, but you often do not know everything about them. The number of colleagues who go to the toilet and then do different needs than usual, may surprise you ...


At work you often have to deal with hard deadlines and a lot stress, so it is not surprising that some women find peace with masturbating. Several studies have proven that masturbation helps to reduce stress and not everyone has a partner at home.

It is not surprising that several studies have shown that approximately 39 percent of your colleagues sometimes use the small room to to masturbate during work.

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Just relax

You don't have to think that every colleague goes to the toilet is going to get its money's worth, but because it also gives your self-esteem a huge boost, it makes a lot more sense that women sometimes take a break for this. Still, it does not work out well for everyone, because since you are at work, having an orgasm is not always the best idea.

Source: Marie Claire | Image: Office Christmas Party