So often you should wash your hairbrush

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

So often you should wash your hairbrush

© Beau Monde So often you should wash your hairbrush

Do you think when reading this title: “Huh? Washing your hairbrush? ” Then you are not alone. Yet you would do it much more often if you knew what is "living" on your brush.

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A recent study by the University of Arizona found that more bacteria live on the average hairbrush. then around the drain of a sink or in your dog's food bowl. That equates to about 3,500 colonies of bacteria per square inch. That's about an inch. Ew.

Oily and lifeless hair

So it should be clear that it is very important to wash your hairbrush regularly. Especially when you know that all those bacteria can cause greasy and lifeless hair. But also for unpleasant odors and even skin irritations.

What can you do?

What can you do about it? Hair expert Neil Barton gives a few tips: “It is best to remove loose hair from the brush three times a week. If you also wash your brush once a week with warm water and a mild shampoo, you are in the right place. ”